Farmworkers deserve better: Oppose the anti-labor FWMA

The Farm Workforce Modernization Act (FWMA) is an anti-labor bill that will set back farmworkers’ rights for generations. If passed, it would expand E-Verify and a flawed H-2A program while tying the possibility of immigration status to eight years of exploitation.

Big corporations in the agriculture industry say they need this bill to deal with labor shortages and rising food costs, but the truth is, they’re the ones responsible for these so-called problems. There wouldn’t be a shortage if employers paid workers a living wage and offered safe working conditions. This bill will only boost profits for the agriculture industry and food corporations that are already gouging prices at the expense of workers and their communities.

Join us in saying no to laws that divide workers and expand exploitation, and yes to citizenship, fair wages, and better protections for all farmworkers.

The FWMA is dangerously close to getting the votes it needs to pass in the Senate. Please urge your Senator to listen to farmworkers across the country and to oppose the FWMA.

"Pedimos una reforma integral que no tenga como consecuencia explotación laboral." - Luis, trabajador agrícola, New York

"We suffer more abuses at work when we don't have immigration status." - Juana, farmworker, Massachusetts

"I am against the FWMA because they use it to pay guest workers less. Guest workers work as hard as we do." - Aidiruy, crop worker, FL

"E-Verify is going to affect workers in many ways, one of them is that it will make us more vulnerable to exploitation." - Chen, dairy worker, New York