No MVP/MVP Southgate Sacred Places Organizing Campaign

No MVP/MVP Southgate organizing campaign from Southside VA towards Northern North Carolina the path of the MVP Southgate.  Currently, there are tribes in VA and NC that are still here today, and traditionally these lands were Occaneechi, Saura, Monacan, Saponi. Tutelo homelands.

Sacred sites are places of significant spiritual value for Native American tribes, nations, and bands. Likened to naturally formed churches, they are, according to Indian rights activist Suzan Harjo, “lands and waters where people go to pray.” Sacred sites are integral to the practice of native people’s land-based religions. In 1979 report to Congress following the passage of the American Indian Religious Freedom Act.

Corporate leaders and government land managers often ask: Where is the sacred site? Can its boundaries be delineated? The answer is usually no. Furthermore, native activists themselves increasingly challenge the term the sacred site as inadequate and inaccurate, because individual sites are usually part of a web of culturally significant spiritual locales spread across a larger ancestral landscape.

This campaign uses interchangeably the terms sacred site, sacred place, sacred land, cultural landscape, and sacred landscape.

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