Campaign to Pass the Language Access and Inclusion Act

Language access is essential to the safety, stability, and well-being of our communities. Join the campaign to pass the Language Access and Inclusion Act!

People depend on state agencies to address needs and challenges – from applying for unemployment assistance, to keeping food on the table and staving off an eviction, to navigating the complexities of the child welfare system. But language access failures at essential agencies deny non-English speaking families access to government services and information that protect and empower state residents.

The state recently recognized the needs of limited English proficient families and invested funding to expand language access at the Registry of Motor Vehicles, a critical state agency that thousands rely on to get to work, attend healthcare appointments, and care for their children. This is an important step forward, but the RMV isn’t the only agency families rely on and the state should do the same at all public-facing state agencies.

It's time to dismantle longstanding barriers to equal access and ensure state agencies can meet the needs of ALL the Commonwealth's residents. Join us!