Massachusetts Appleseed Center for Law & Justice

Boston, MA

Massachusetts Appleseed Center for Law & Justice is a nonprofit organization founded in 1994 to promote equal rights and opportunities for Massachusetts residents by developing and advocating for systemic solutions to social justice issues.

When vulnerable and marginalized populations are deprived of equitable access to their legal rights because of systemic barriers, they remain trapped in cycles of poverty and upheaval by the very institutions meant to provide pathways out – our courts, schools, and government agencies. We identify the ways these institutions have failed our most vulnerable communities, publish research exposing systemic injustices, advocate for statewide policy solutions, and develop resources for those impacted.

By eliminating these systemic injustices and inequities, we enable impoverished and justice-involved Massachusetts families and youth to stay safe and housed, receive a fair outcome in court, keep their families together, access the full spectrum of opportunities they deserve, and thrive.

Massachusetts Appleseed is part of the Appleseed Network, which is comprised of 16 justice centers across the United States and Mexico working together to reduce poverty, combat discrimination, and advance the rule of law.

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