COMMENTS DUE Monday July 10, 5:00 pm

We've delayed many pipelines with ACTIVISM. Start by submitting your comments as to why the JORDAN COVE pipeline should be stopped. It was stopped before, but then TRUMP reinstated it.

Talking Points and Background

The federal government is in charge of pipelines. FERC, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, is asking the public to submit comments on the proposed LNG export terminal in Coos Bay and the Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline.

How to comment:

  • Use Docket # PF17-4-000 in all your correspondence.

  • Reference “Jordan Cove Energy Project and Pacific Connector Pipeline”

  • Comment before 5:00pm on July 10 on the FERC web site:


There is NO limit to how many separate comments you send. You do NOT have to live in Oregon to comment.

Ask them to consider these Impacts:

-FERC must consider the climate-changing pollution that would be generated by all aspects of this project. FERC must consider the direct, indirect, and cumulative impact of fracked and conventional gas production, transport, liquefaction, and end use, including the contribution of leaked methane gas to the overall carbon pollution from these proposals.

-FERC must consider the potential outcome of siting an explosive LNG export facility in a subduction earthquake zone and a tsunami evacuation area.

-FERC must undertake a detailed analysis of the public safety risks associated with the terminal and pipeline. In past reviews, FERC has failed to adequately address fire and emergency response risks along the pipeline route. Further, FERC must take a realistic look at a worst-case LNG spill and fire near the terminal.

-FERC should consider the impacts to Tribal fisheries and cultural and burial sites.

-FERC should weigh heavily the negative impacts on private landowners of the Pacific Connector, which would harm private property rights though the potential use of eminent domain.

-FERC should address the full impacts of the projects on water quality for each stream and wetland impacted. FERC should require Pacific Connector to rely on up-to-date and site-specific information to evaluate the impacts of the proposals.

-FERC should consider the direct, indirect and cumulative impacts to fish and wildlife that will be impacted by the proposed LNG terminal and pipeline, including threatened and endangered salmon, steelhead, and wildlife.


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