350 Deschutes

350Deschutes, part of 350.org global network, is a nonprofit organization focusing on climate issues in Deschutes County. Our purpose is to educate, organize, and advocate for climate stability:  to educate the community, stop fossil fuel infrastructure, and develop climate policy. “350” refers to the “safe” level of carbon in the atmosphere (in ppm). We are now at “406”, a “climate emergency” level. We believe that in order to return to the safe level of “350” PPM, that we must make a JUST transition nearly completely away fossil fuels to clean energy, preferably by the year 2030 or 2040, but no later than 2050. These are the guidelines put forth by the IPCC, the United Nations non-partisan body composed of the best climate scientists in the world. We believe that Climate Change is like a progressive disease: its impacts will continue to worsen if we fall short of reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions to the recommended level.

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