Solar for Everyone

Start: Thursday, October 07, 2021 3:30 PM Pacific Daylight Time (US & Canada) (GMT-07:00)

Host Contact Info: 206-498-5887

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Solar: Now the cheapest energy on the planet. But how do you manage the decisions for this investment? Many options are available that require no cash. But is it better to rent or own? Will solar add value to your home or business? What about storage? Should you consider battery backup? Hear case examples of homeowners who have decided to start saving money. You can too.

But what if you don't own your home? Or if your roof is too shady? Learn if you qualify and how you can participate in Community Solar and how much you an expect to save. Will you need to invest cash? Probably not. Discover your project options so you can start saving today.  

Purelight Power

Clint Reinhard, Purelight Power

Clint will discuss decision points: No Cash Required, Rent Vs Own, Resale Value, Battery Options for Storage.

Clint Reinhard has been helping Central Oregon homeowners choose clean solar power in more than 200 installations. Purelight power executive leadership chose to put down roots here in Central and Southern Oregon. With the experience of working with some of the biggest companies in this space in the US. The company now has approximately 1,000 installs at all of the Purelight power branches, Medford, Bend, Klamath Falls, Roseburg, Albany-Corvalis, Salem, and Portland.

When determining on where to provide value for a community/customers Clint and the company leadership considered “priority factors: First, is, is it beneficial for the customer (What is the current rate of the utility in the area, does the customer have a choice?). Two, is it beneficial for the employees,(Will the employees have a great quality of life living and LOVE working with Purelight) and three, is it beneficial for the company (Does it make sense and allow the company to provide value for the customer, employee and allow the company to expand).

Sherrie Villmark, Community Energy Project

Sherrie Villmark, Program Director, Community Energy Project

Sherrie will answer: What's in it for you? Do you qualify? How to find a project?

Sherrie oversees the Community Education Department and new initiatives such as Community Solar.Since graduating from Portland State with a BS in Sociology, Sherrie has gained over 15 years experience in grassroots organizing, mobilization, and outreach. Her forte is public speaking, low-income equity, and program development.

She enjoys photography, hiking, camping, and runs a pollinator conservation project in her neighborhood.


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