The Indivisible Menu 3/12 - 3/18!


This week, we had to think hard. What IS the most pressing crisis du jour? TrumpCare? Accusing President Obama of an illegal wiretap? Continued conflicts of interest, with no end in sight? On a state level, Governor Greitens and his Dark Money Madness? Public school funding in danger?

Hard to say, right? That's why, instead of bombarding you with pleas for help in stamping out the fires around us, we thought we'd consolidate them into one fine menu of ways you can help! Sit down and peruse, click on each of the menu items (red links) to the right to see what fits your schedule and your passion, then order up some fresh, hot activism... Indivisible-style!

Make sure to take a look at each event we have for this week, by clicking on the tiles to your right, or the links below!

We are visiting our Senators:

We have a NO to TrumpCare! letter writing campaign perfect for your busy schedule HERE

Missouri Mondays - This week tell your Missouri State Representative to Say NO! to unaccountable, privately-run charter schools in Missouri HERE

We are going to be making visits to our Congressional Representatives soon, more info HERE

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