Climate Strike Map of Ireland - 29th November 2019

An incredible movement of over 15000 of young people in Ireland demanding climate justice from the government is continuing to grow rapidly. The government aren't taking the vital steps necessary to limit the effects of the climate crisis. We feel that the best way to bring attention to this issue is to come together and strike during school or working hours.

This 29th of November, student organisers are urging school students and adults to take to the streets and protest for our right of a future.

The movement originated in August 2018, when teenaged Swedish activist Greta Thunberg stopped going to school every Friday to protest against the world governments' inaction on the climate crisis. Since then, millions of people around the world (young and old) have voiced their pressing concerns about our planet and protested during the previous 3 days of major climate strikes. Two months ago, over 15,000 people attended the last national strike on the 20th of September

We are calling on you to play your part and fight for climate justice this November 29th!

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