Fossil Free Future Day of Action

This October, young people are rising up across the country to demand an immediate end to funding new fossil fuel projects. We’re mobilizing young people to follow the money and call out greedy megabanks for the destruction they fund. Following the International Energy Agency’s jarring 2021 report, the only credible 'Net Zero' commitment is an immediate end to fossil fuel expansion.

JPMorgan Chase is a Major Polluter

The world is burning, and banks are throwing fuel on the fire.

JPMorgan Chase is the #1 banker of fossil fuels in the world. Since the Paris Climate Agreement was signed, Chase has financed fossil fuels to the tune of $317 billion.

The Big Six US banks have committed to Net Zero emissions by 2050, or “Paris alignment”, yet they've poured $3.8 trillion into fossil fuels since the Paris climate agreement was signed. They’re funding the expansion of fossil fuels at a time when we need to be rapidly transitioning to a clean energy future.

We Need An End to Fossil Fuel Expansion

Instead of taking concrete climate action in 2021, Wall Street is hiding behind empty promises for Net Zero emissions by 2050 without actionable plans to reduce pollution.

Youth are exposing bank executives for recklessly choosing to finance fossil fuel expansion when a liveable planet requires ending fossil fuel expansion this year.

Our movement is echoing the call of Indigenous and frontline organizers to keep fossil fuels in the ground. The Youth Climate Finance Alliance owes its origins to a history of Indigenous-led resistance, from the Standing Rock camps to Line 3 water protectors. Youth are showing up at Chase Bank branches and conducting digital actions across the country to demand the bank stop financing fossil fuels.

Young people are tenacious and determined to build not only a liveable planet but a more just world. Ending fossil fuel financing is just the start of our movement.

As long as JPMorgan Chase keeps signing checks to the fossil fuel industry, young people aren’t signing offer letters or opening accounts.

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