Operation Green New Deal Blitz

The twin resolutions for a Green New Deal introduced by Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Senator Ed Markey are the first to tackle climate change in line with what science and justice demand. If we secure a critical mass of elected support, we can cement the Green New Deal at the top of the political agenda as we head into the 2020 elections.

That's why between Feb 11-13, we are going to show up in person at our Senators' and Representatives' offices and ask them to cosponsor the Green New Deal Resolution. If every representative gets office visits from dozens of their constituents, it will send shockwaves through the halls of Congress.

You have 3 targets: your 2 Senators and your House Rep.

The Green New Deal won’t be won in backroom deals in Congress. It won’t be won on Twitter. It’ll be won because millions of Americans relentlessly demanded the real solutions to the greatest crisis of our lifetimes.

Want more information about the campaign? Check out our action guide. Want help signing up to host an event? Check out our Action Network event guide.