Testing Resistance & Reform Spring: Less Testing, More Learning

                                PUT YOUR TESTING RESISTANCE EVENT ON THE MAP!


Widespread resistance to the overuse and misuse of standardized testing is exploding across the nation. Testing Resistance & Reform Spring (TRRS) has come together to expand these efforts to win local, state and national policy changes: Less testing, more learning!

Individuals and organizations use the TRRS map to share what they are doing and to link up with and learn from other test resisters across the country. Events include demonstrations, forums, organized opt out action, lobby days, petitions, or celebrations of courage or change.

You can post and publicize your own events on the TRRS map.

To get started, click on the red box to the right of the map ("Host an event.."). Then:

- Fill out first page of event information (date/time/location, etc…).

- Click “Save and Create Account” with our host, Action Network (AN) (first time users only - save your login information).

- Make account.

- Receive confirmation email and click the link.

- That link will land you back on the create page you just left, but now you’re logged in with your new account. Now you can continue on to step 2 and finish posting your event. (We recommend you use 'save' or "Save and Continue" rather than "Save &  view'" - you can edit your post when you are done and "Publish" the event.)

- And if you need help, email us at TRRS@fairtest.org.

TRRS asks that all posted events are consistent with our broader goals to advocate FOR public education, public school teachers, and children.

To see the TRRS mission statement, the list of founding and partner groups, and useful fact sheets go to: <https://actionnetwork.org/groups/testing-resistance-reform-spring>.