2021 AFSCME Council 5 Day on the Hill (virtual)

Start: 2021-03-09 09:45:00 UTC Central Standard Time (US & Canada) (GMT-06:00)

This is a virtual event

Although many groups and organizations have canceled their days on the hill as a result of the legislature working remotely, we believe we have the capacity, determination, and will from our membership to plan a virtual day on the hill. When registering, please use your home email.

What To Expect:

AFSCME Council 5 Virtual Day on the Hill will begin at 9:45 a.m. Participants will be provided a link to join the zoom meeting for the plenary session. They will then choose one of two workshops: 1) Social Media Advocacy or 2) Legislative Overview (see descriptions below). These workshops will be provided using breakout zoom rooms, and participants can choose which breakout room to join after arriving in the zoom meeting for the plenary session.” At 10:30 a.m., Council staff will close the breakout rooms which will automatically send all participants back to the main zoom meeting room for the plenary session.


The Social Media Advocacy workshop will teach members how to promote our activism and issues using social media. This workshop will cover more than simply opening the Facebook app on your phone. Members will learn how to leverage social media platforms using the tips and tactics learned in this workshop to engage elected officials and the public to promote our activism, and broaden their audience, to advance our issues.

The Legislative Overview workshop will provide a lay of the land of the 2021 legislative session and explore how legislative deliberations progress. This workshop will also cover how the 2021 session, with remote deliberations and virtual committees, differs from previous years and how to advocate for your issue without being at the capitol.

At 10:30, once the workshop breakout rooms close, members will rejoin the plenary session meeting which will be similar to our rotunda rallies from past years. Special guests have been invited to provide leadership level updates. Staff will provide overviews of several issues to prepare for legislative meetings in the afternoon. We will hear from our union leaders and listen to member stories.

Legislative Meetings:

A separate zoom meeting link will be provided for your Legislative meetings. This zoom meeting will include AFSCME members from 6-12 other Senate Districts (SD). Legislative districts are being clumped together so AFSCME members have an opportunity to socialize between their scheduled meetings with legislators. There will be a breakout room for each SD in the zoom meeting where constituents of that district will go at their scheduled time to meet privately with their legislators. These schedules will be provided at a later date. Debriefs will also occur within these breakout rooms and/or the larger zoom meetings. Debriefing DOTH provides Legislative staff important information.


9:30 – Main Zoom Meeting Room Opens

9:45-10:30 – Breakout Rooms Open and Workshops Begin

10:30-10:45 – Breakout Rooms Close, Short Break and Plenary Session Begins

10:45-12:00 – Plenary Session – Special Guests, Union Leaders, AFSCME Issues Sheets, Member Stories

12:00-1:00 – Lunch Break

1:00-4:30 – Legislative District Meetings, Debriefs, and Socialize

*Make sure you provide accurate information when you register, your ability to participate in DOTH 2021 depends on your information being accurate. PLEASE USE YOUR HOME EMAIL.

**Once you register, council staff will add you to the list of participants. Prior to DOTH, all registered participants will receive an email with a link to participate in the DOTH Zoom meetings.

***Tax Pandemic Millionaire

You can also register for our Day on the Hill event by signing up through our Memberlink events tab.
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