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Host Guidelines - Salish Sea Day of Action

Thank you for your interest in hosting an event for the Salish Sea Day of Action! This is an important step in advocating for indigenous rights, a fossil free Salish Sea and a liveable planet.

1. Plan an event that you and your community would enjoy while taking meaningful action to advocate for the Salish Sea. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box! Here are some ideas:
-Show a film and discuss an issue affecting the Salish Sea
-Hold a corporate accountability action at a bank or industry office
-Gather people at the shore for prayer vigil or water blessing
-Hold a banner above an overpass
-Host a BBQ or potluck with speakers to inform about challenges facing the Salish Sea
-Create a family activity at the shore to pick up plastic then make eco-art sand sculptures
-For more ideas see our event toolkit: https://tinyurl.com/salishseatoolkit

2.Register your event
Get your event on the map early! You can put a working title and update it later. It’s fine to list the time and location as TBD--just make sure to update it when you know the specifics. Tip: You must fill out all the fields. For the Sponsor field, click 350 Seattle if there is not an option that is a closer fit. To add your organization as a sponsor, contact ruchi.stair@outlook.com

3. This Action Network page will support you every step of the way, with templates for outreach, promotions, and more.

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