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Host Guidelines - Save Our National Monuments Week of Action: Dec 2 - 9

Thank you for signing up to host an action in response to largest attack on public lands from any administration in U.S history. We will follow up with an action toolkit to help you plan your event, including an action guide, sample email invite, and media advisory. Just pick a time and a place to add your event to the map so we can invite others to join you. Here are a few ideas to decide where to hold your event, but feel free to come up with your own ideas too:

-Hold a rally outside a congressional rep’s office to demand that they publicly oppose these egregious attacks and fully support our national monuments in Congress.
-Visit a national monument near you, hold a brief demonstration and take photos before enjoying an outing together and sharing on social media.
-Hold a demonstration at a federal building, Department of Interior office, etc., to demand that our government put public good before private profit.
-Target a Trump golf course or hotel near you. Hold a demonstration outside his property to protest his stealing of our public property for private gain.

The shorter and more descriptive, the better.
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