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Host Guidelines - #PublicServiceMatters Unity Rallies JUN18

If you don't see an event at your location, consider hosting an event. Provide the site and contact information. Call the nearest field office to request resources, such as signs and tshirts (Seattle FO 206-525-5363; Smokey Point FO 360-659-4333; Olympia FO 360-786-1303; Tacoma FO 253-581-4402; Vancouver FO 360-735-1115; Spokane FO 509-326-4422; Yakima FO 509-452-9855). Send your Unity Break photos to us at photos@wfse.org. If you post on Facebook, tag us "WFSEc28". If you add photos to Twitter, tag us "@WFSEc28" and legislators at #waleg. Watch WFSE.org for details or text NEWS to 69866 to stay informed and receive event updates.

You must be registered to receive the Federation HOTLINE to host and event. If you are unable to add an event, register here: http://wfse.org/sign-up-for-wfse-email-updates/ Then try again.

You must be registered to receive the WFSE/AFSCME HOTLINE (news) to host an event. Register here if you are not already receiving the HOTLINE: http://wfse.org/sign-up-for-wfse-email-updates/

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