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Host Guidelines - ImpeachNow: Take to the Streets Oct 13

We are closer than ever to impeaching Trump. After months of building public pressure across the country, our movement forced the House of Representatives to advance impeachment proceedings. But, Congress will only act if millions of us demand it. That’s why on October 13th, we are calling for marches nationwide to demand our elected representatives #ImpeachNow.


We hope to have actions in as many places as possible around the country. That means we need people to take leadership and be a “host” for an event. To be a host, you’ll need to register an event in your local area. Then, when people in your area go to the online “Action Map” for this day of action, they will be able to sign up to attend the event you are hosting. We can offer training and coaching to help you prepare and plan for you event!

In short this means:

You want to take responsibility for an action.
Register an event in your local area
Decide what type of event to hold (some examples are in this guide).
People in your area are able to go online and sign up for your event.
Receive support from By The People!

The shorter and more descriptive, the better.
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