Celebrate Slow Lake Street

Start: Sunday, January 02, 202210:00 AM

End: Sunday, January 02, 2022 1:00 PM

Celebrate Slow Lake Street with a Fitness and Fun adventure along Lake Street! We will have social meetups and activities for both adults and kids on Lake Street between 8th and 23rd Avenues. Come out, meet neighbors, and celebrate Slow Lake Street!

SFMTA has a new survey out gathering feedback on 3 proposed designs for the permanent Slow Lake Street. Unfortunately, while we thought permanent Slow Lake Street was a done deal after July’s SFMTA vote, pushback from some vocal anti-slow-street advocates has led to a “no build” option being included in SFMTA’s design process, which would result in Lake Street reverting to the dangerous street full of cars it was pre-pandemic. Here is our voter’s guide with feedback about the 3 design options for permanent Slow Lake Street. Please take 10 minutes and add your voice to let SFMTA know how much residents want to keep Lake a slow street!

  • Proposal 1 "Slow Street with Advisory Lane and Dedicated Ped/Bike Zones": Support
  • Proposal 2 "Slow Street with No Roadway Striping": Support
  • Proposal 3 "Enhanced Lake Slow Street": Support
  • Proposal 4 "No Build": Do not Support

Ranking: 2 > 3 > 1 > 4

Take the Survey!

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