CJTO Orientation in YSW

Start: Saturday, February 04, 202312:30 PM

End: Saturday, February 04, 2023 1:30 PM

Are you interested in getting involved with Climate Justice Toronto? Want to be a part of our fight for Indigenous sovereignty, climate justice, and a socialist future through our ongoing housing, labour, and transit campaigns?

Join us in person on February 4th from 12:30-1:30PM for our next orientation. (Location will be available upon RSVPing above). Come hang out with other comrades and learn about CJTO, our history, and our ongoing campaign. Here's what the afternoon will include:

  • Presentations from our members giving background on ourselves and the climate crisis (including: Climate Justice 101, CJTO's political program, CJTO's history & structure)

  • Presentations on our current activities (housing, labour, and transit campaigns)

  • How you can get involved

  • Group discussions

  • Snacks (provided by us!)

  • Hangouts

We require everybody wears a mask, and ask attendees to bring their own tupperware, cutlery, and water bottle.

Access Notes

  • Access notes: Meeting space and washroom are on the ground floor, which is level with the sidewalk.

How to stay connected

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  • Visit our website: https://climatejusticeto.com/