Connect with XRSA - Action Visioning

Start: Thursday, August 06, 2020 7:00 PM Adelaide (GMT+09:30)

End: Thursday, August 06, 2020 8:30 PM Adelaide (GMT+09:30)


Our next Rebellion's coming. Join our brainstorm to make it unforgettable.    

We're at a crossroads with no going back. As the world gets back in to gear, XR will demand our leaders make the right choice. Do not return to the old, broken ways. Build a better system that protects the planet, creates a green economy and ensures no one's left behind.

We want an inspiring Rebellion that says THERE IS NO GOING BACK. Let’s make it a celebration of who we are – regenerative, protective and superbly disruptive. But what actions will our rebellion involve? What ideas do you have bubbling away?

We want a wave of targeted actions leading up to a massive collective event in the CBD. This will be an opportunity to give ideas a 'pub test' - What do others think? What life can other rebels skills, resources and creative inspiration bring to bear? Time to let our collective intelligence shine!

If you have an idea, bring a short, (preferably) written proposal. We will run this in the style of Open Space - each rebel with an idea will be given a minute or so (needs to be short!) to brief the rest of the group. We will then assign breakouts to discuss and develop each idea. We will end the event with a report back that includes action points to keep the momentum going.

We are using the video conferencing tool Zoom for this event. Upon registering on Action Network you'll be provided with instructions on how to install and use Zoom on your device. We'll also provide you with ways to contact us if you require technical support.