#DropManchin from Democratic Party leadership

Start: March 02, 2017 8:00 AM

Sign up to take action with us as we call on Senator Chuck Schumer to remove Trump-apologist Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia from Democratic Caucus Leadership.

Manchin was the only “Democrat” who voted to confirm extreme racist Jeff Sessions as attorney general and foreclosure king Steve Mnuchin as treasury secretary. In a recent face-to-face meeting with Trump, Manchin reportedly remained silent while Trump launched a racist tirade against Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

At a time of national crisis, Democrats can’t compromise with Donald Trump’s regime of hatred and greed. Millions of Americans are marching in the streets with the resistance because they know Trump is a threat to our families and our democracy.

The Democratic Party should be standing united against Trump and fighting his administration with everything they’ve got. They can’t let Democrats like Senator Manchin who partner with Trump be part of the party leadership.

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Waleed Shahid
brooklyn, New York
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