Endorsement Process Next Steps

Start: Friday, February 22, 2019 5:30 PM

It is imperative that we come together before the February delegates meeting (Thursday, February 28th) and decide, as a group, what our endorsement recommendations will be. As a member who participated in the endorsement process, you are invited to help us determine what the recommendations will be.  

Please join me  Friday, February 22, 5:30pm at IBEW Local 111, 5965 E 39th Ave, Denver, CO 80207 to discuss next steps and what our recommendations to the broader delegate body will be. Snacks, beer, and soft drinks will be provided.

On Friday, we will cover the following:
  • What story are we trying to tell with our endorsements? What is our theme or theory of change?
  • What seats should we prioritize?
  • If we don't endorse a specific candidate prior to runoffs, what are methods we can use to influence said race?
  • In the event of a runoff, what is our endorsement process and criteria?
  • What are we personally and as locals willing and able to invest to ensure our endorsed candidates are successful?
To aid our decision making, the following materials will be provided:
  • Candidate questionnaires and 1-page summaries of questionnaires
  • Portfolio of screenshots from candidates websites/ social media on how they talk about unions and/or business development
  • Score and notes from interview
Event by
Rhiannon Duryea
Denver, Colorado
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