Fossil Free Federal Reserve - Board of Governors, Washington, DC

Start: Friday, October 29, 2021 9:00 AM

What's spookier than a Federal Reserve Chair driving us toward climate-related financial crisis? Is there anything more ghoulish than a Fed Chair who lets banks operate in the shadows? President Biden is considering renominating Trump-appointee Jerome Powell to head the Federal Reserve and time is running out. Join us Frida 1029 on the global day of action on fossil fuel finance to protest Jerome Powell's failed leadership at the Federal Reserve and demand Biden appoint a climate champ to head the Fed! As climate change worsens, zombie bankers continue their lending to fossil fuels undeterred. Wall Street has recklessly poured trillions into fossil fuels. By not curtailing these investments, banks and lax regulators have exposed our financial system to a crisis magnitudes worse than the 2008 crash. By not taking action to mitigate their climate risk, it is clear that banks expect to receive a climate bailout. We need the Fed to act now to force the banks to take responsibility for their actions before a collapse. Please join us next week to demand a Federal Reserve Chair who takes the climate crisis seriously and will work to protect our economy!