Gates Foundation Protest

Start: Thursday, June 26, 2014 5:00 PM

The intent of this rally is to call attention to:  the 

billions of dollars Gates has spent on reforming & standardizing public education without addressing the underlying problems of inequity.

It is also intended:

To increase opt-out enthusiasm for CCSS state tests.  

To demand Gates and his billionaire buddies join us in demanding WA state legislature fully fund education per the ruling of our supreme court. 

To have the public recognize that the stranglehold of privatization and profiteering of our school dollars is unacceptable.  

We believe in the WHOLE CHILD approach to schooling, with wrap around services, not wrap around testing.  

We believe in restoring the arts, PE, libraries, counseling, and teacher voice on curriculum, instruction and assessment.  

We believe we have many allies and clear path forward-it is time to build the coalition our students deserve.

We believe classroom educators are experts on instruction and deserve to be supported, not attacked.