Hands Off Gianna : Rally to Support Gianna during the Conduct Review

Start: Monday, October 28, 201912:00 PM

On September 27th, American University sent AU Police Department to perform a wellness check on a student,Gianna, in her dorm.  

What should have been the university's earnest concern about the mental and emotional well-being of the student, was weaponized and used to permanently traumatize Gianna. Seven police officers came into Gianna's room and against her will removed her from her dorm. One police officer also took the time to mock and threaten , that Gianna was going to be on suspension from the school.

Recently we have seen how the egregious misapplication of force, and the police state mentality can lead to state sanctioned murder, as in the case of Atatiana Jefferson.  

Black and brown students have the right to feel safe in their dorms; supported by their schools through their mental health issues, and not have those issues used as justification of violation of their other rights.

Since the inappropriate "wellness check", Gianna has not been able to resume her classes as AU has forbidden her from entering back on campus - stating security concerns. Now, AU is demanding that Gianna undergo a conduct review, on October 28, at 1PM before she is let back onto campus.

BLM DC is fully in support of Gianna and we are asking for the student body of AU and other students across DC campuses, and to come out and rally in support of Gianna during the review.

Non family relations aren't allowed in during the review but we can rally to show our support for Gianna and her re-admittance on the American University Campus.

If you can make it, fill out the form on the right and we will send you more details. We encourage signs making and bringing signs of support.

#BlackWomenMatter #WeKeepUsSafe #HandsOffGianna

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