Black Lives Matter DC

Washington, DC

Black Lives Matter DC (BLM DC) is a chapter of the Black Lives Matter Global Network.

BLM DC is a radical collective of Black artists, infrastructure builders and movement healers and strategists from the future, organizing in the here and now around a movement equation. This equation inform how we live as our highest selves while dismantling White Supremacy, Patriarchy, Capitalism, Imperialism and the role the state plays in supporting them.

BLM DC believes Organized Resistance + Continual Healing + Consistent Spaces for Centering Black Joy = Liberation. This means we believe that we can be liberated right now through centering healing and joy in our daily lives. We also think there are obstacles like state sanctioned violence that limit our ability to live as the liberated people we are capable of being and thus organized resistance is necessary.

We welcome you to join us as an volunteer activist with our organization!

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