Health is Wealth! #insulin4all Action

Start: Monday, October 24, 2022 4:00 PM

Please join our “Health is Wealth” action on Monday, October 24 in Indianapolis’ at Eli Lilly’s headquarters. This child-friendly event starts at 4pm. We will be gathering with food and speakers will share stories before marching toward Eli Lilly at 5pm.

The fight for affordable, accessible insulin and supplies for all continues. As Big Pharma continues to make record profits, all who believe in health equity and justice must join together and send a clear message that our lives are worth more than their profits! We would love to see each of you, as our community of patients who live with diabetes and all people who believe that people living with diabetes deserve affordable, accessible insulin and supplies join us in making our voices heard.

T1International is a grassroots, patient led organization that supports the advocacy of people living with diabetes around the globe. We advocate for patients to be at the heart of policy making and pride ourselves on being free from pharmaceutical funding and influence.  

Keep an eye on your email inbox the week of October 17th for more location, schedule, and logistic details!

Please note that the action will likely include a 15-20 min march (each way). We want to hear from attendees on ways that we can make our event as accessible as possible. If you have questions or suggestions, please contact
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