Invite to Zoom meeting Wednesday July 22, 6 PM CET, 9 AM Arizona time, to Organize local FFF Shoe strikes in the US and Canada!

Start: Wednesday, July 22, 2020 9:00 AM Arizona (GMT-07:00)

                                                                                             Photo: Catherina Gerritsen

Hi everyone

You are invited to join the July 22 zoom talk in which those interested start planning local US Canadian shoe strikes on Saturday July 25. Please fill out the form on the right for the zoom meeting. Details about, registration of and suggestions about the shoe strikes are found here.

On this  call, and a number of calls to come, an organizer of the successful 70 plus shoe strikes in Sweden, Petra Palmen will give an updates. Other US and Canada organizers can give updates and ask questions.

These presentations will be followed by questions and answers around the shoe strike.

Thank you for all you can do!

AN FFF International