Labor Day Action: Workers Rally For a Just Recovery

Start: Monday, September 07, 202011:30 AM

This Labor Day, join us in person or online for a Workers Rally for a Just Recovery! Taking place Monday, September 7th this day of action, inspiration, and reflection will be led by the Massachusetts Labor Movement in partnership with the Raise Up Massachusetts Coalition and community partners across the Commonwealth.

We need your help to bring the demands of working people from across the Commonwealth, to Beacon Hill. Whatever matters most to you, your family, your community, or your line of work - the response from our government to COVID-19 and the economic recession it triggered must rise to the needs of our communities. Needs, which have never been higher. There's three ways to participate:

Pop-Up Drive-In - Starts at 11:00am: Celebrate Labor Day with a family friendly and informative pop-up drive-in at the Boston Convention Center kicking off at 11:00am with a full speaking program from across the labor movement and a live stream of the Raise Up MA State House Action.

State House Action In Person - Arrive at 11:30am: Our in-person State House action kicks off at 11:30am in front of the State House. We’ll have a brief speaking program, field some responses from the crowd, and be consolidating submissions from across the state that we collected digitally! Select “In Person” on our registration form to receive reminders and directions for in person participation

Digital Participation: If you can’t make it to the city or you’d prefer to participate online, from home, your voice remains just as powerful as ever! We will be livestreaming the entire event and accepting submissions for demands to our government straight through the program. Select “Digital” on our RSVP form to get reminders and directions for our livestream.

Don’t Forget! As you register, submit the government programs, public services, or anything else that YOU care about protecting and further investing in. (i.e. fixing Lawrence school's ventilation systems, affordable fares on the WRTA, affordable housing for seniors in Springfield, etc.).

Lawmakers have a choice: They can let deep budget cuts drive us deeper into a recession that deepens racial and economic inequities, or we can invest in public services that improve public health, grow our economy, and reduce racial inequality. Healthcare, transportation, education, safety net programs, and other critical areas of the state budget need more support now, not less.

Thank you again! For more information on our campaign, please visit:

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