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Boston, MA

The campaign to pass the Fair Share Amendment at the ballot in 2022 beings right now!

Raise Up Massachusetts has established Fair Share Regional Teams across our commonwealth to grow support for the Fair Share Amendment across every community and to localize our presence, impact, and leadership. By doing so, we will collectively better educate, agitate, and inspire activists in every city and town across the Commonwealth.

Three of our Fair Share Regional Teams already have meetings scheduled, use the links below to RSVP for these upcoming regional meetings:  

Interested in joining a team? Want to learn more about how we've broken up the state and see how your community is organized? Check out our Fair Share Regional Teams sign up form to learn more and sign your organization or yourself up for a regional team: raiseupma.us/teams

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  • What would you invest in with extra revenue to transportation and public education in your community? Why do you believe we need a more equitable tax code? Whatever your vision is for a commonwealth with the Fair Share Amendment, we want to hear it AND if you're willing, we'll even highlight you on our social media accounts!

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