Canvass D5 with Supervisor Dean Preston and Shahid Sunday Feb 23rd!

Start: Sunday, February 23, 202012:00 PM

End: Sunday, February 23, 2020 3:00 PM

Otto Pippenger

       San Franciscans are returning their mail-ballots at an incredible rate, with so much at stake in this primary! Shahid's message of abolishing I.C.E. fighting the Military Industrial Complex, and establishing broad and emancipatory rights to housing, education, healthcare, privacy, collective bargaining, and more are resonating hugely- so much so that the incumbent has begun actively campaigning for the first time in years if not decades to fight our movement!

     Just as importantly, our new District 5 Supervisor, Democratic Socialist Dean Preston is up for re-election after his November 2019 victory, and as a fellow DSA member and endorsee, endorser of Shahid, and the person responsible for granting every San Franciscan the right to a free attorney if evicted, we're joining forces to help him kickoff his campaign as he helps us reach D5's renters, progressives, and leftists!

       That's why it's more important than ever, with less than 3 weeks left to reach anyone we haven't yet with Shahid's message, and we need your help! It's not enough to just go on to November; this is our chance to capture a portion of the primary vote that will set us and Dean on the path to victory in November-and we need you!

      We'll be doorknocking from Buena Vista Park in the Haight, across from 1294 Haight Street on the corners of Haight and Buena Vista Avenue West starting at 12 o'clock sharp Sunday the 23rd! There'll be food, coffee, Dean and Shahid themselves, and a full training for everyone- there's no experience needed, but we do need you!

    Let us know if we can count on you to join us, and make a real difference in the future of our city, country, and world in perhaps the most vital election season of our lifetimes!

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