Majority Against Corruption March: York to Harrisburg

Start: Friday, September 09, 202210:00 AM

End: Monday, September 12, 2022 3:00 PM

Join us for our first multi-day march in three years from York to Harrisburg this September! We're taking to the streets to demand our legislators bypass their obstructionist, so-called "leadership" and unite in a Majority Against Corruption to force the Gift Ban to a vote.

We Need 102 to Break Through the Wall of Corruption!

In the House, a majority of 102 out of PA's 203 representatives have the power to pass the Gift Ban no matter what the gatekeepers want. On September 12th, there will be a rare motion made on the House Floor to make this happen and vote on the Gift Ban immediately.

We'll be there on the 12th, on the last day of our march from York to Harrisburg, to hold our legislators accountable. We're giving them no choice but to publicly show what side they're on: the side of the corporate interests and lobbyists, or the side of Pennsylvanians who are sick and tired of our legislature's blatant corruption and legal bribery.

Join us for the entire march - or just one hour or just one day-

to demand our legislators take individual responsiblity and do what other legislators have failed to do for 20+ years - make bribery illegal and pass the Gift Ban!


1. Housing and all meals are provided.
2. Each day, we march for approximately 10 miles (with snack, lunch & bathroom breaks).
3. Can't walk much? NO PROBLEM! There are all of kinds of tasks that need to be done each day to keep a march like this running. For those who can't march, we need drivers, cooks, medics, and all kinds of other help! Please note on your RSVP if you can't march.
4. Vehicle support is provided for breaks from marching.
5. We will send out a comprehensive email to all RSVP's with all other details: march route, events during the march, and a packing list.

Questions? Contact Andrea at 908-328-4703 or email her at
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