Marketing Techniques for Gaining Visibility in the App Store

Start: Thursday, October 31, 2019 8:45 PM

With over 100,000 apps currently available in the App Store gaining visibility has become a bit challenging. There are many techniques that Developers can use to help increase their app’s visibility in the App Store. These techniques can be applied both in and outside the App Store. In fact, with so many apps in the app store your iPhone Marketing Campaigns and Strategies need to include marketing outside the app store in order to generate a good amount of revenue from your app.

Marketing Techniques for gaining visibility in the App Store

  • Have a Lite version of your app – Publish a Lite version of your app to reach more potential app buyers. Read our full post on The Importance of Having Both a Lite and Paid Version of a Mobile App.
  • Update your app – Making frequent updates to your app can increase your App Store visibility. Try monthly updates and an update every 2 months, etc. to see how much of an impact each has on your app’s visibility.
  • App Sales – Having an occasional sale can increase app sales.
  • Cross Promotion – If you have several different apps in the App Store you can have a link in each app to your other apps. There are many ways to do this, the most common way that I have seen is having a “More Apps” or “App for free here” button or link where the app user can go to see your other apps. You can also partner up with other app developers and link to each others apps.
  • App Screenshots – Most app screen shots in the App Store have their main screen as the first screen shot. It has been proven that if you have screen shots of the actual game play that you will increase your app sales.

Marketing Techniques for gaining visibility outside the App Store

  • Discussion Forums – Post about your app in discussions forums to get exposure as well as feedback from iPhone users. This is a great opportunity for you to open a direct line of communication with your app buyers and find out what they are looking for in your app. Aside from iPhone related discussion forums get a few promotion codes together and post them on coupon and deal forums such as and
  • iPhone App Review Blogs – I have seen a lot of positive feedback from developers who have used iPhone App Review Blogs to promote their apps. Obviously the positive reviews are the most effective reviews, but these reviews can generate quite a spike in your app sales. The spikes are also said to be short lived by many app developers, however there are so many iPhone App Blogs that if you exhaust your resources and contact as many as you can find you can generate quite a good amount of app sales. The paid advertising spaces on these blogs are very effective as well.
  • Hiring a PR Firm – These companies can get you some pretty good coverage on tech industry news websites if your app is news worthy. Having a good PR company on hand can be very beneficial in the long run.

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