#NYC1u: Smarterphone: Top Apps to Capture, Edit, and Share Content

Start: Wednesday, October 21, 2015 2:30 PM

Put your mobile device to work for you! If you use the right apps, you can efficiently create, edit, and publish visually compelling work that will make it look like you spent hours editing.

This is a hands-on session. You will gain real experience with the latest apps for creating dynamic mobile multimedia. Topics include:

  • Shooting, editing, and sharing photos
  • Creating GIFs on the go
  • Using mobile design templates
  • Creating layered multimedia
  • Using live streaming
  • Getting to know some useful audio and video accessories

Please note that you must bring your smartphone to the workshop. The primary focus of this workshop pertains to iPhone apps. If you have an Android-type phone, you may find that some apps are unavailable. However, much of the workshop's content will apply to both iOS and Android platforms.

Jeremy Caplan will lead this session:

This session is made possible by AFL-CIO; New York Paid Leave Coalition; Organizing 2.0; New York State AFL-CIO; New York City Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO; Consortium for Worker Education