Peace & Justice Conversations: The Power of Stories: Immigrants' Journeys to Find Home

Start: Monday, July 19, 2021 7:00 PM

Since 2012, photographer Becky Field has photographed the lives of immigrants and refugees in New Hampshire. Her project, "Different Roots, Common Dreams," shows that while we have different cultural roots, we have the same dreams for a good life. She published two award-winning books of her photographs and immigrants’ stories, and started a scholarship fund to help refugees get an undergraduate degree. She gives talks and photo exhibits about cultural diversity and immigration policies. All net proceeds from her work go to nonprofits working with new Americans. Becky has a Certificate in Photography from the NH Institute of Art, and studied photography at centers in the Northeast. In past work she was a university professor and wildlife ecologist. Her website is Becky will talk about her recent work, showing her photographs and sharing stories from several NH immigrants.

In 2018 "Antony" (not his real name) fled persecution and war in his country in Africa, crossed into the United States at the southern border, and asked for asylum. Although seeking asylum is legal by US and international immigration law, Antony was shackled and jailed for two years in several detention centers. He expresses these difficult experiences through his poetry and art. When Covid-19 struck in the centers, he was released to the care of a community group in 2020. He is now staying in a NH home, still shackled with an ankle monitor. Recently, Becky and Antony have partnered to document his life in detention using her photographs and his writing and art. Antony will share his story about leaving his country and living in detention.

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