Protest AGAINST Health Insurance Rate Increases!

Start: Monday, August 21, 2023 8:30 AM

Health insurance companies are taking billions away from our care to make their rich shareholders and executives even richer. And now they want to raise your rates...again.

The Connecticut Insurance Department will be holding a hearing on the latest rate hike requests from health insurance companies on August 21 at 9 am at the Legislative Office Building (LOB).

CCAG will be staging an action outside of the hearing to remind the press and those attending that these rate hikes are outrageous and should be denied!

We are looking for people to stand outside the hearing, holding signs and helping us hand out materials with information on the specific profits and excesses.

We are also looking for people to share their stories, both before the hearing and over social media and other platforms.

RSVP to join the protest outside the hearings on August 21st!

We will send you more information and logistics, and will also share information on how you can share your personal healthcare stories with the department.


More information:

We are also urging everyone to write to the CID now to tell them to Stop Insurance Greed. They need to take into account profits, executive pay, stock buybacks, and vertical integration and mergers and acquisitions -- and to reject these requests.

Clearly, our government needs to act in a much stronger manner to rein in these corporate profiteers. Stay tuned for more information, and follow CCAG on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for posts on this excessive greed. Be prepared to be shocked. We will reveal how the insurance companies who sought to derail the public option have spent billions of your premium dollars to further enrich themselves and already-wealthy shareholders.

Please submit comment to the CID here. You can use the pre-written letter as is or personalize it. Personal stories have a greater impact.
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