Coal Retirement Action (June 11th)

Start: Sunday, June 11, 202312:30 PM

A map of Merrimack Station. A star at the front door location connects to an action photo of "closing soon" spraypainted on the doors.

A message has appeared on the front doors of Merrimack Station: coal in New England is coming to an end.

This March, Merrimack Station, the region’s last coal-fired power plant, lost its biggest source of future funding. We are so close to closing this plant for good!

From June 12 to June 20, Granite Shore Power (Merrimack Station’s owners) will have a chance to retire the coal plant. We are determined to make sure this happens! That’s why on June 11, we’ll be joining activists around the county in a day of action to shut down fossil fuels. We’ll descend on Merrimack Station to demand that Granite Shore Power file to close the plant—and, as always, demonstrate that if they won’t act, we are ready to retire it ourselves. We'd love to have you with us!

Also Sponsored by Climate Disobedience Center.