Stop the Money Pipeline

Start: Friday, August 13, 202111:00 AM

End: Friday, August 13, 202112:30 AM

Why this action?

On July 23rd, major US and Canadian banks had loans worth nearly $6 billion to Enbridge, the company behind Line 3, that were due for renewal. We made it clear that the banks must walk away from those loans if they cared at all about curtailing the climate crisis & respecting Indigenous rights.

Yet, the banks choose to renew the loans and to keep funding Line 3. These actions are to show Wall Street that funding the climate crisis will not be tolerated.

Why expose greenwashing?

In the past twelve months, nearly every major bank has pledged to achieve “net-zero” climate emissions by 2050. Yet, they’re continuing to provide essential loans and to massive new fossil fuel projects like Line 3.

The fact that banks, such as Citibank, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo and Bank of America, had the chance to stop funding Line 3 and didn’t take it, exposes the fact that all of their promises on climate are empty greenwashing.

Corporate greenwashing is the new climate denial ― and it must be called out.