Subsidize Billionaire’s Penthouses? Hell No!

Start: February 18, 201511:30 AM

Location:Columbus Circle102 Columbus Circle , New York, NY 10023

Host Contact Info: Real Affordability For All, New York Communities for Change


It’s bad enough that NYC developers are solely focus on building the most egregious luxurious buildings for the world’s richest. It’s WORST when these decadent buildings are being subsidized by working class and middle class taxpayers.

Buildings like One57 used the 421-a tax abatement which uses NY taxpayers dollars to subsidize developments.

The most egregious example at One57 was the penthouse which sold for a record $100.5 million and received a 95% tax break.

That’s why on Wednesday we are taking over Billionaire’s row (yeah that’s a real thing), and reminding these billionaires ENOUGH IS ENOUGH we won’t subsidize your penthouses anymore!