Tucson Women's March 2020

Start: Saturday, January 18, 202010:00 AM


Here is the march route. Please abide by all traffic lights/crosswalk signs as to not block any roads as we march. We will have leaders throughout line to help with crossing streets. Also, if we could all be conscious to throw away trash in appropriate receptacles. Let's keep downtown looking beautiful and DO NOT LITTER.

Three years of marching, training, organizing, and building power – it’s all been leading up to this. In 2020, we have a chance to finish what we started three years ago by persisting to enforce the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), protecting women's reproductive rights, and ending violence against women.

If you’re ready to join millions of women and allies on the streets, sign up to join our sister action on January 18, 2020.

While thousands march and put their bodies on the line in D.C., we need millions of people to rise up together in cities and towns across the country on January 18th to show our resistance in every corner of the country.

RSVP now for the #WomensMarch2020.

We follow the values that are of the Women's March 2020 posted here https://womensmarch.com/mission-and-principles our interest is in being a powerful, uniting force for supporting women and other marginalized groups. We welcome all who support the values of the Women's March.

Please be aware that we are not accepting donations in any form. Anyone claiming to represent the Tucson Women's March 2020 asking for donations should not be trusted. If you are interested in donating, please do so via the National Women's March website.