ACTION ALERT: We Have Until FRIDAY at NOON to Call Our Reps to Fix School Funding

UPDATE -- June 7th at 9PM: We have 87 state reps signed on to Rep. Aaron Vega's letter demanding a vote to update the Foundation Budget and #FundOurSchools. The deadline to get people to sign on is now extended to Friday, 6/8, at 12 noon! We need to get 20 more reps signed on!

Two weeks ago, the state Senate set historic precedent by unanimously passing the Foundation Budget Modernization Bill, which would greatly improve the school funding formula and help #FundOurSchools for every child across Massachusetts. Republicans and Democrats alike came together to say that if our constitution claims we as a Commonwealth cherish public education then we must also fairly, equitably and fully fund all our public schools.

It’s time for the House to Pass An Act to Modernizing the Foundation Budget for the 21st Century! This bill has been supported by more than 120 members of the legislature through its time on Beacon Hill. Now is the moment for our State to make history and provide the students of the commonwealth with the   funding each district needs.

Can you call your representative and ask them to fully fund our public schools?

The Foundation Budget Review Commission three years ago put out its recommendation and we as a state cannot allow another class of students to graduate without the proper funding their districts so desperately need.

We need you to pick up the phone and call your representative to demand that all of our children deserve a fair and equitable investment in their futures!

Click here to find the phone number for your state representative. Make the call using the script below, and then fill out this form on the right side of this page to let us know whether or not they will commit to support our students and our schools.

Call-in Script

Hi my name is [INSERT NAME] and I am calling to ask Representative [INSERT REPRESENTATIVES NAME]  to sign onto Representative Vega’s letter asking the Chair of the House Rules Committee to move the S.2525 bill favorably out of committee and to take the bill to a vote in the House.

It is critical that the House pass this popular piece of legislation after the Senate unanimously passed S.2525. My district school [INSERT DISTRICT SCHOOL] is in dire need of fair and equitable funding in order to build the schools our community deserves.

I hope Representative [INSERT NAME] will co-sign onto this letter and ensure the House Pass  An Act to Modernizing the Foundation Budget

this legislative cycle.

Representatives who have co-signed:

Rep. Arciero
Rep. Ashe
Rep. Atkins
Rep. Balser
Rep. Barber
Rep. Barrett
Rep. Benson
Rep. Campanale
Rep. Campbell
Rep. Carvalho
Rep. Chan
Rep. Connolly
Rep. Crocker
Rep. Cutler
Rep. Day
Rep. Diehl
Rep. DiZoglio
Rep. Donahue
Rep. Donato  
Rep. Dooley
Rep DuBois
Rep. Durant
Rep. Ehrlich
Rep. Farley-Bouvier
Rep. Frost
Rep. Ferguson
Rep. Garballey
Rep. Garlick
Rep. Garry
Rep. Gentile
Rep. Gifford
Rep. Goldstein-Rose
Rep. Gonzalez
Rep. Gordon
Rep. Gregoire
Rep. Hawkins
Rep. Hay
Rep. Hecht
Rep. Higgins
Rep. Holmes
Rep. Howitt
Rep. B. Jones
Rep. Kane
Rep. Keefe
Rep. Kelcourse
Rep. Koczera
Rep. Kuros
Rep. Livingstone
Rep. Madaro
Rep. Mahoney
Rep. Malia
Rep. Mark
Rep. Matias
Rep. McGonagle
Rep. McKenna
Rep. Meschino
Rep. Mirra
Rep. Mom
Rep. Moran
Rep. Muradian
Rep. Muratore
Rep. Murray
Rep. O'Day
Rep. Orral
Rep. Pignatelli
Rep. Provost
Rep. Puoppolo
Rep. D. Rogers
Rep. J. Rogers
Rep. Ryan
Rep. Scaccia
Rep. Scibak
Rep. Smizik
Rep. Smola
Rep. Stanley
Rep. Tosado
Rep. Ultrino
Rep. Vargas
Rep. Vega
Rep. Velis
Rep. Vincent
Rep. Wagner
Rep. Walsh
Rep. Whipps
Rep. Williams
Rep. Zlotnik