Massachusetts Education Justice Alliance


We are students, parents, educators, community and union members who stand united in support of the most essential public good, one conceived in our state two centuries ago: universal, free, equitable public education for all students.

We believe that public education, pre-kindergarten through college, is the foundation of our democracy. Public education must be protected and “cherished,” as our state Constitution demands.

Our communities deserve high-quality public schools and colleges that address the educational needs of the whole student and that are places of joy, creativity and critical thinking. Our schools and colleges must be places where community and relationships are valued and nourished; where we name, confront, and undo racism; where we actively work to counter the school-to-prison pipeline; where our immigrant and refugee neighbors are welcome; where scholars engage in research for the common good; and where students are supported and given the freedom to become independent thinkers, questioners and conscientious citizens.

Our schools and colleges must be accessible to all, regardless of income, race, ethnicity, gender identity, religion, birthplace or unique needs and abilities.

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