Fund Our Schools Week of Action 2018: Email Your Lawmakers

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As our public schools and colleges in Massachusetts continue to scrape by with the bare minimum, Beacon Hill lawmakers are debating our state budget and delaying vital laws that could drastically improve how our schools and colleges are funded. But students, parents, and teachers from across the state are fighting back with an Education Week of Action of phone calls and emails to their lawmakers!

Activists around the state made over 300 calls or emails to the State House last week, and now we are going all out on April 23rd and 24th to push education justice forward for every student. We need you to send emails and make calls to our state reps and state senators to get them on board, demand the schools and colleges we deserve, and show the massive support we have in our communities.

Our amendments would (1) fix the Foundation Budget for K-12 public schools with Amendment #246, (2) provide much-needed funding for public colleges and universities with Amendment #156, (3) mandate at least 20 minutes of recess for elementary school students with Amendment #1343, and (4) provide basic consumer protections to student loan borrowers with Amendment #924.

Right now, we have the power to make incredible change and ensure our Commonwealth prioritizes public education. Stand for all students and demand that we fund our schools!