BLOC's Action Pledge

Black Leaders Organizing for Communities is unapologetically advocating for issues, policies, and candidates that directly impact people of color in the City of Milwaukee.

Wisconsin is the worst state in the nation to raise a Black child. That's a reality we refuse to leave unchecked. We must work to bring about changes at the community level that will give Black people the opportunity to achieve success and build meaningful, secure lives for their families.

Add your name to the right and commit to joining us in working to combat racism and systems of oppression in Milwaukee!

Mass incarceration, racial bias in police forces, achievement gaps in education, and economic inequality are just a few of the issues that we're addressing head on. The best way to fix a problem is by starting at the root: that's why we're listening to voices from our community and fighting for measures that will actually make an impact.

Take a stand today and pledge to join us as we work to bring about justice for Black communities in Milwaukee.

Let's get to work.

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