All Of Us in 2021

Join All Of Us Community Action Group in 2021! Receive updates on actions, events, workshops, and volunteer opportunities. Learn how your voice and actions can be a part of a movement toward justice. We fight for liberation now and the strength to continue the fight for generations to come.

All Of Us is a Black-led grassroots organization which is majority LGBTQIA+ that was formed in February 2020 and continues to lead with the voices of the poor, marginalized, and impacted people on the ground. We accomplish the work with understanding that It takes unity and solidarity to win against state sanctioned violence, police brutality, Capitalism, and White Supremacy. We work with knowledge that It is imperative to lift up the voices of the people, not silence them. We acknowledge the importance of being inclusive and welcoming in our space and ensure agency and opportunity to all.

All Of Us is a Black-led grassroots community organization fighting for Black Liberation and an end to all forms of racism, oppression and exploitation. We are committed to a strategy that prioritizes the voices of the marginalized in localities across the Greater Capital Region of New York, building towards change within New York State as a whole. All Of Us makes space for conversations that unite people across differences, invests in the leadership development of local communities, especially of its youth, and works in coalition with other groups.

All Of Us Community Action Group

It's not one of us. It's all of us!

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