All Of Us

All Of Us is a Black-led majority LGBTQIA+ grassroots community organization fighting for Black Liberation and an end to all forms of racism, oppression, and exploitation. We create space that unites people across intentional divisions such as but not limited to race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, language, abilities, country of origin, geographic region, economic status, and all of the intersections that exist.

We work to create change for the benefit of the people based on the voices and experiences of the people, especially those amongst us most hurt by the current systems and structures of White Supremacy. All Of Us works in partnership and coalition with other community groups and organizations because no one group or organization can address all of the issues our communities face every day. We are committed to a strategy that prioritizes the voices of the marginalized in localities directly in our communities across the Greater Capital Region of New York and behind the wall in New York State jails and prisons. It’s not one of us. It’s ALL of us.

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