#AllofUs Pledge


Our generation is the most diverse, progressive generation in American history. We have the power to transform America into what it has always claimed to be.

Today, I join with #AllOfUs to defeat the hatred and greed of the ruling class whose lives will never be at stake.

I will join with my generation to:

  1. Resist Donald Trump: Donald Trump has used racism and resentment to divide the American people from one another. I will join the resistance to challenge Trump and the Republican Party's racism every step of the way.
  2. Fight Wall Street Democrats: I call on Democrats to break with the racism and greed of the ruling class. I will do everything I can to make sure that Democrats don't negotiate away our future and our country with Donald Trump. I will stand up to Democrats and make sure they fight with us or get out of the way.
  3. Vote: I will work to elect a new generation of leaders who will transform our democracy and fight back against the ruling class that has run our country into the ground.

I will work to repair the wounds caused by the lie that some of us are more valuable than others because of the color of our skin, how much money we have, or where we were born.

I will fight to make America a real democracy in which all the people are represented, not just the corrupt ruling class.

I will create a society in which we all love, forgive and take care of each other -- instead of tearing each other down with hatred and greed.

Form by
Waleed Shahid
brooklyn, New York
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