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Help us drive good public policy from the real owners of Michigan—YOU!

Michiganders, start your engines! On Nov. 6, you made your voices heard. But now that the election is over, a new race has begun. And your voice is the fuel policymakers need to move Michigan forward.

Over the last few months, staff from the Michigan League for Public Policy have driven all over the state to talk to people like you about what residents need to not just survive but thrive. These are the very same issues that powered a majority of 2018’s election results, and it’s clear that they are the policy priorities you and the people of Michigan want to see in 2019.

We all agree Michigan is in need of a major tune up. And just like the real vehicles we all depend on, it takes a lot of components and tools to make our state go. Without good jobs and training, reliable healthcare, quality education, safe water and air, and more, we’re not getting anywhere. That’s why we’re organizing all of these policy needs into a clear and comprehensive plan to put in the hands of lawmakers: An Owner’s Manual for Michigan: Policy Driven by the People.

You and the nearly 10 million people who call Michigan home are and will always be the real owners of this great state. And it’s time that our public policies reflect that. In January, we’re handing the keys to Michigan over to a new governor and a fresh crop of legislators. And while they may be driving, it’s up to us to guide them in the right direction.

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