Apple Workers, We Stand With You!

We call on Apple CEO Tim Cook to refrain from delivering misinformation regarding why Apple IAM CORE employees in Towson, MD, will not be offered benefits at this time because of their decision to join a union.

Apple is using these coercive tactics to attempt to prevent more employees from joining together and bargain for proper respect, dignity at work, and benefits that come with a union contract.

Excluding union members from certain benefits provided to the rest of employees breaks labor law, so IAM CORE has filed an Unfair Labor Practice charge with the National Labor Relations Board against Apple.

IAM CORE-First Unionized Apple Workers-Files Unfair Labor Practice Charge over Being Excluded from New Educational, Medical Benefits

Apple IAM CORE employees formed a union because they deeply care about the future of the company and to set the standards in the tech industry. It’s been proven time to time that unions in the workplace promote economic growth and increase productivity while reducing employee turnover rates.

Show your support for the brave IAM CORE, first-unionized Apple workers, who are calling on Apple to follow the law and negotiate a fair contract with IAM CORE.

Take Action and Pledge Solidarity with IAM CORE Workers Today!

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