Sign on to our Vision Statement!

We, the non-managerial staff of the National Audubon Society headquarters, field offices, and centers, are committed to building an equitable, diverse, and inclusive workplace. We also want to make our workplace more transparent and accountable to staff (as much as we are accountable to birds and the environment). In other words, we want an Audubon for All.

In order to achieve this, we are organizing to join the Communications Workers of America (CWA) union.

As indicated in the Audubon Culture and Values Survey and the April 2020 Affinity Group Letter, Audubon is not living up to its expressed values. Staff have endured a work culture that is fear-based, retaliatory, uncertain, inconsistent, and siloed. We are also overworked, underpaid, and sometimes put into unsafe working conditions.

Therefore, we, as a union, are demanding:

  • An influential role in decision-making about our workplace and Audubon’s policy agenda
  • Trusted, protected line of communications to leadership as well as the National Board
  • Job security that protects us from disciplining or firing without just cause
  • Transparent, fair, and equitable pay bands
  • Improved benefits with competitive paid time off and healthcare plans
  • Clearly defined job roles with a path for career advancement that includes professional development opportunities
  • Gains made by employee organization efforts, including affinity groups, secured in a legally binding contract.
  • Hiring practices that are inclusive and equitable

As can be seen in the signatures below, we represent staff across flyways, field offices and centers, departments, affinity groups, employee resource groups, races, religious beliefs, gender identities, sexual orientations, ages, and physical and neuro-diverse abilities.

Together, we are calling upon the National Audubon Society to recognize and respect our legal right to organize. Together, we will build the Audubon we can and should be.

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